Frequently Asked Questions

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How to apply for the competitions?

Application for the competition is fed through the site of the Federation in the [Apply]. When completing the fields in the application form, you must select from the drop down list of those events for which you are claiming. Carefully fill out all required fields in the application. Click on the “Submit Application” button. The application is automatically sent by e-mail to the Federation. You will be notified that the application was received.


How can I know that my application is received Federation and will be included in the list of participants?

After filling out the application form and press the “Send” button, you will be notified that your application was received. This means that the application came to the post office and the Federation for a few days to be processed and included in the list of participants, but no earlier than one week after sending the application.The list of nominations is updated once a week and published on the site Federation. To see the list of your name, you need to track updates on the site nomination Federation.


Do I need to make a prepayment?

Prepayment is necessarily for all athletes. The size and timing of the prepayment is determined by regulations of each particular competition.
Regulations published on the Federation’s website at the time of the announcement of the opening of the reception of applications for the championship. Participant, who send an application in the right time, must to transfer part of the entry fee in the amount specified in the Regulations on these organizers details in current time. Otherwise, it will be subject to a fine. The amount of fine is governed by Regulations. After the application deadline the prepayment is not received. All payments are made on-site at registration and weighing in view of fines. All prices of fees for the participation in different divisions for dual performance as well as the amount of the fines determine by the Regulations of competitions in which the athlete participates.

Charitable entry fees will not be returned. Participants who have submitted late and do not submit preliminary applications are subject to a fine in the amount specified in the Regulations this championship. Participants who do not submit an application and make a prepayment on time, pay the entry fee and fines (a fine for not prepayment + fine for not filing) on the spot, during registration and weighing procedures. The fact of the advance payment of the entry fee is confirmed at the weigh only in the presence of the payment receipt. In the absence of payment receipt the payment shall be deemed not recevied! Payment is made at each person individually, after weighing the payment receipt remains with the organizer.


Where may I see dates of the next competitions?

Dates of the next competitions you may see in the [Calendar of competition]


Can I apply for two competitions at once?

Apply for any future competition is possible only after the official announcement about the opening reception of applications. All information published on this site Federation. On the news, you can [subscribe here].


What to wear for the competition?

Rules appearance performing at competitions athletes listed in the Official Rules Federation:

The costume and personal equipment

Can I use the special sport belt. What kind?

Can I use the special bandages?


What the rules of excersises?

The rules of excersises listed in the Official Rules Federation


In what weight class I can get?? vesy2

All weight categories are specified in the Official Rules Federation


How and when the weighing is carried out?

The general procedure of weighing athletes before a competition listed in the Official Rules Federation WPC [View]

Reliable weighing a particular tournament is specified in the general schedule of the tournament. Schedule is made after the closing of applications for the tournament and published on the site.


How to know the schedule?

rendering of character with magnifying glassThe schedule is drawn up after the closing of applications for the competition and published on the site. Follow the news on the site!

How can I know what day and what time I perform at competitions?

It is necessary look in schedule of the competitions. The schedule is drawn up after the closing of applications for the competition and published on the site. Before the start of each thread on the stand in the warm-up hall hung flow list with the names of the participants in this stream of athletes and an indication of the beginning of the flow of time.


Where can I see Qualifying Rankings?

Qualifying Rankings Published on the Federation website in the left menu